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1.  How do I apply for a personalized registration mark?​​​

You need to have an account on the Govt Portal. Go to and login using username and password registered on the Govt eservices.


2.  What if I have forgotten my username and password?​

All queries regarding login credentials should be made to Government Online Centre.

GOC can be contacted on 4549955 or via email


3.  Can a non-citizen apply for private registration mark?​​

Reservation or purchase of personalized registration mark for individuals will be done using NIC only.


4.  Can a company apply for private registration mark?​​

Reservation or purchase of personalized registration mark for registered companies will be done using the Business Registration Number (BRN).


5.  Can I apply for a private registration mark on behalf of someone?​

For the purchase or reservation of a personalized registration mark, the applicant should be the registered owner/lessee of the vehicle.


6.  How do I proceed with refu​nd?

You are requested to apply for a refund on the prescribed form which is available at the NLTA sub office, Plaine Lauzun. Kindly provide a proof of payment and other details.


7.  How long does it take to get refund?​

Once the refund application is submitted, the finance department will verify same with the bank and accountant general prior to refund.


8.  ​What is the mode of payment?

Payment can be done through credit card and debit card which have been activated for online payment.


9.  ​Can I use another person's credit card?

Yes, you can use another person's credit card to effect payment.


10.  ​What if I no longer use my email address registered on the site.

Please contact the GOC to update new email address.


11.  ​For how long is a reservation valid?

For 1 year.


12.  ​Can I renew my reservation after one year?

You will have to reapply online after one year.


13.  ​What is the next step after the purchase of a private registration mark?

To collect new horse power after 5 working days.


14.  ​Where do I check for my transaction status?

Login onto the nlta website, go to 'my workspace'. All information in regards to transaction effected will be shown under my workspace.


15.  What if your account have been debited and you have not receive a confirmation email?

You will have to send an email to and attach a proof of payment.


16.  ​What if you failed on the payment phase and cannot find the registration mark online upon re application?

You can send an email on, we will do the necessary to unlock the registration mark so that same is available online again. An email will be sent to you to confirm same.