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​Activities carried out by Inspectorate cadre

  • Checks on buses, bus operations to ensure observance of timetable;

  • Enquiry, checks on Public Service Vehicle (taxis, contract buses, contract cars);

  • Enquiries on applications for Petrol Service Station Licence and Motor Vehicle Dealers Licence

  • Enquiries on applications for new bus routes and taxi facilities;

  • Traffic checks/Crackdown operations to curb down illegal operations and general state of vehicles; and

  • Recording of complaints from the public and conducting enquiries for disciplinary actions.

​​How to file a complaint against a Public Service Vehicle?

  • Call personally at the NLTA with original National Identity Card

  • Provide information concerning the following:
    -Date, time and place of incident;

  1. -Registration Mark of vehicle involved;

  2. -Destination of vehicle (in case of a bus); and

  3. -Any other document relating to the incident.

​​Does the NLTA ensure the observance of timetable on bus service?

Yes, checks are being carried out by the Inspectorate cadre. The bus service timetable is available on the link Bus Timetable – The Official Guide for Public Bus Transport Services

N.B: The bus service timetable is temporarily unavailable

What happened in case of non-observance of the timetable by bus crews?

Any queries concerning operation of buses have to be addressed to the officer in charge of the respective zones on the link below:


Where to obtain information of bus fares?​​

Information on bus fares can be obtain from the Inspectorate section of the NLTA



How to make a request for the sitting of a bus stop or bus shelters?​

Requests for bus stops, bus shelters, and additional services are looked into jointly by the Inspectorate and Planning sections

Where to address any issue concerning operation of taxis?​

Any queries concerning the operation of taxis have to be addressed to officer in charge of the respective zones. This also applies for dedicated school services.

Is taxi fares regulated by the NLTA?​