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What are the procedures to be followed to operate vehicle as Ambulance?​​​

Step 1.

Application to be made to the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life (M.O.H &Q.L) to be qualified to operate ambulance services.

Step 2.

If the application is approved by the M.O.H &Q.L, applicant should apply to the National Transport Authority (NTA) for an authorisation to operate vehicle as ambulance. (Approval letter to be produced)

Step 3.

Applicant will be required to fill an application form for authorization of vehicle to be used as ambulance.


Step 4.

Applicant will be required to produce vehicle to the Mechanical Engineering Division of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) duly equipped as per NOTE  TO APPLICANTS in application form.

Step 5.

Applicant to call at the Registration/ Licensing Section of the NTA for amendment to read ambulance in the Registration Book with:-

  1. -Application form duly filled;

  2. -Approval letter for M.O.H &Q.L;

  3. -Vehicle examination report from Mechanical Engineering Division of  MPI; and

  4. -Registration book of vehicle.