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​How to obtain a Student Identity Card?

If you are a student attendin​​g a secondary, post secondary, tertiary institution or any other institution approved for free travel, you will be provided with a student identity card issued by the NLTA.

​​​​​How to proceed for obtaining a student Identity Card?

All requests for student identity cards will have to be addressed to the administration of the institutions. Requests addressed directly to the NLTA by students or their responsible parties will not be entertained.


A Student Identity Card is issued only by the NLTA and no other documents authorise a student to benefit from the Free Travel Scheme.


Student identity Card are processed within 2-4 weeks.


​What are the different fees payable for student identity cards?


First issue
Rs 100.
Rs 300.
Change of address.
Rs 100.
Any other correctionRs 100.
Late renewal fee after deadlineRs 300.

​How to obtain a Bus Pas​s for Disabled Person?

Requests have to be addressed to the nearest Social Security Office within the locality which will then forward the request to the Social security Head Office -Rose Hill.


Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform institutions determines the eligibility of Disable Free Travel for individuals suffering from a disability.


The applications are for transmitted to the NLTA for processing. The card are processed within 2-3 weeks and are collected from the NLTA by officers of the Social Security Head Office-Rose Hill, who will thereafter be distributed to the respective.

Note: Disabled persons or their relatives should refrain from calling at or contacting the NLTA for matters relating to the issue of disabled bus passes.​